Summary of Pre-Contract Information

What services will we provide?

We will assist you in identification of claims, investigation into potential mis-selling, preparation of required paperwork and representation in making a claim. We will liaise with the financial institutions, Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and/or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) on your behalf, however, they are entitled to contact you directly to discuss your claims. You can of course refer them to us if they do contact you and you do not wish to correspond with them directly. We will provide you with advice in regards to making a claim, whether any offer you have received is in line with the FCA’s Dispute Resolution Handbook and if the financial institution rejects your claim, advice on the next steps and whether we feel your claim has potential merit to be escalated to the FOS.

How will we keep you updated?

We will update you within 10 working days when there are any material developments on your case or when we receive any information which is for your attention. Where there are no material developments, we will update you at least every 6 months in a durable medium.

What will you need to do?

You will need to provide us with information which will be used to formulate your complaint such as; employment details, recollections of the sale of the policy and whether you had alternative means of making repayments of your finance. This will be used to ascertain the basis and merits of your claim. You will need to sign paperwork which is required for us to submit your claim and you may also need to provide documentation such as finance agreements or proof of identity documents.

How much do I have to pay?

If we're successful in winning your claim you will need to pay us 30% (plus VAT) of the total compensation offered. If the claim is withdrawn at your request we reserve the right to charge you our reasonable costs incurred in pursuing the claim up to the point of withdrawal.

Compensation Examples:

Compensation Service Charge @ 30% VAT Total To Pay
£1000 £300 £60 £360
£3000 £900 £180 £1080
£10,000 £3,000 £600 £3,600

These examples are for illustration purposes only and are not to be taken as an estimate of the likely amounts to be recovered. The amount you receive may be more or less than these examples.

Can I change my mind?

Yes. If you change your mind within 14 days of signing and returning the Terms and Conditions we will cease processing your claim and you will have nothing to pay. You can also change your mind after the initial cancellation period but we are entitled to charge you for our reasonable costs incurred in progressing your claim up to the time of cancellation. If you cancel your instructions after an offer has been made, we are entitled to charge you our full Service Charge.

Cancellation Charges:

Work completed by us Charge VAT Total
Substantiation and referral of Your Claim to the Third Party £60 £12 £72
Referral of Your Claim to the FOS or FSCS £60 £12 £72
Each manual communication e.g. an outgoing or incoming call/letter/email to or from either You or the Third Party £40 £8 £48
Each automated communication to e.g. automated update letters or text messages to you £10 £2 £12

Can I take alternative steps to pursue my claim?

You can of course pursue the claim yourself without using a CMC and without cost. You will first need to complain directly to the financial institution and if this is unsuccessful, you can complain through the FOS. Certain claims may fall under the scope of the FSCS which you can access directly. You may be entitled to legal advice, assistance and representation through your membership of a trade union or under a contract of insurance, therefore you may wish to investigate whether you are able to pursue this claim through these methods.