Paying by Bank Transfer

You can pay your invoice by making a  payment through online banking or by going into your bank.

Make a secure payment through your bank’s online banking service or go into any branch of your bank. You’ll need the following information:

  • Company Name:  Financial Recovery Solutions Ltd
  • Bank:  HSBC Bank plc
  • Account No: 81422405
  • Sort Code: 40-31-20
  • Reference:  FRS reference number (on your invoice) followed by first 3 letters of your surname
  • Amount:  As per invoice

Please be aware that failure to provide a reference could cause a delay in allocating payment and you may be chased for payment during that time.

If you have any problems, please call us between 9am - 5pm on 0161 850 0680 and select option 3.

If you have received an offer from the bank

Make sure you let us know – usually we will also have received the letter but this isn’t always the case and sometimes the offer may not be as high as we were hoping. In this case we will continue to negotiate on your behalf.

If the offer has
been accepted

Once we are all happy with the offer that has been made, we will remain in contact with the bank to get your money. We will then calculate our fees and send you an invoice - you may receive the invoice after the money arrives in your account so it is a good idea to set aside some of the money to pay us. If the invoice arrives before you have been paid by the bank, don’t worry as we won’t be looking for payment until the money is in your account.

If you have received the money in your account

Make sure you let us know as soon as possible – we will check that this is the same as the offer you were made. Once payment is in your account, we are due our fee + VAT as per our terms and conditions. This will not have been paid directly to us by the bank and therefore you need to pay our invoice once it has been received.

If you have received the money but aren't sure you can pay us

According to your contract with us, you have agreed to pay our fee once you receive the money so it is important you hold on to enough of the payment to avoid being in breach of your contract. We recommend putting the necessary money aside as soon as you receive it.