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Mr. I Allured received £1,430.93 from his PPI claim from MBNA

"I had never heard of FRS until I discovered that MBNA had mis-sold a PPI. I phoned FRS and explained the situation, answered various relevant questions and the next day received a form to complete to formalise my claim. FRS kept me informed regarding how the claim was progressing. I have very little financial knowledge but the staff always described the process and interpreted the financial details simply and clearly. I was delighted to receive a settlement from MBNA for £2044.19, and had no regrets at paying FRS their percentage as without their help I would have got nowhere."

Mrs. M Berrecloth received £12,706.17 from her claims

"I wasn’t going to bother, but I’m glad I did. Everything was sorted very quickly, excellent communication. Very pleased."

Mr. Pierce received £1,664.69 from his PPI claim from Lloyds Bank

"This is the second time I have used the services of FRS to obtain a settlement in relation to mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. I have been very pleased with the outcome on both occasions. FRS dealt with the issues, keeping me informed during the various stages of my claims. I would definitely use the service of FRS should I need to in the future. "

Mrs. S Walsh received £1,485.49 from her claims

"Very grateful for what you have achieved for me, I would never have done this myself. Thank you very much."

Miss M Hayward received £2,154.40 from her claims

“I can’t believe that all I did was reply to one text, sign a few forms and make 2 phone calls and I get nearly 2k! It’s brilliant – I’ve paid for a wonderful holiday with this money that I got just for doing nothing. I’d never wanted the hassle of dealing with the banks but FRS took all the pain away! Fabulous – will recommend!”

Mr Page received £2,930.40 from his PPI claims from Beneficial Finance

“Very impressed with FRS and its staff, at the start of the claim I told the rep I would be no help to them as I had no record of how much I borrowed and when....These were almost 20 years old but I agreed to let them go ahead, I was shocked when a couple of weeks later they advised me they had recovered over £4000. I am totally impressed with this company. I will recommend to friends and family.”

Mrs B Mould received £4,699.03 from her PPI claim from Lloyds Bank

“I would like to thank all the staff of FRS for their help in bringing this claim to a satisfactory conclusion. You have dealt with a lot of claims for me which, being disabled and on benefits, this has been very helpful in improving the standard of living that I have. I have three more claims with the financial ombudsman; let’s hope they come to the same conclusion. Thank you once again for everything, and for your polite and friendly staff on the phone.”

Mrs C Beattie received £3,549.21 from her PPI claim from Lloyds

“The service I received from FRS was absolutely brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble, very helpful and always someone there to speak to, if you needed advice. I would give them 100% on all aspects of service. Thank you very much.”

Miss P Proctor received £669.15 from her PPI claim from Lookers Motor Group

“I appointed FRS when all attempts I made myself to claim back my PPI had failed; by being continually passed around from company to company. FRS took all of the hassle out of claiming and took care of everything, whilst keeping me updated. I would definitely recommend them to others.”

Mr D Davies received £28,174 from his PPI claims from Barclays

“Thank you for all your help in obtaining my refund from Barclays bank for mis-sold PPI. I would also like to thank a faceless but enthusiastic Carl, who guided me through vast amounts of paperwork. I never would of dreamed, or indeed thought, that the bank I had been dealing with for many years would have ‘pulled a fast one’ and mis-sold me an extra which I would have had the choice to decline. ... I will definitely give your company’s name to anyone that might be thinking about the possibility of claiming back PPI that has been mis-sold...”

Mrs. McDermott received £3,094.07 from her PPI claims

"I have found FRS so very helpful. I tried with one firm and they said I hadn't enough information to make a claim. I gave the same information to FRS and got some results. I would like to personally thank Dan who dealt with my case. He kept me informed and when the Halifax were unco-operative he dealt with it and kept me up to date. I would and will recommend FRS to any friends or relatives who have a PPI claim."

Miss Smith received £1,577.30 from her PPI Claim from HSBC Bank

"FRS have been amazing! I never honestly thought I'd win anything back. But I did, and it was fantastic. FRS have been great throughout - both professional and informative. I would recommend their service to others. It's definitely worth it."

Mr. Battison received £3,020.76 from his PPI claims

"I'd like to thank all involved at FRS who dealt with my claim against my bank. It was hassle free with no worries for me and you've put the biggest smile on my face which I haven't had for a long long time. It's nice seeing my account looking so rosy again. Thanks again to the FRS team."

Mrs. Hipkins received £5,989.08 from her PPI claims

"I have been very impressed in that your company went that extra mile to obtain my claim for PPI. I would recommend your company to my friends and relatives if they have to claim back any PPI"

Mrs. Smith received £1,671.97 from her claims

"Blimey - did not realise my credit card that I was using THIS WEEK had PPI. Got my refund by just sitting back and waiting. Thank you very much! I REPEAT I would never have guessed it was on a card I was using only this week. Proper gobsmacked at that!"

Mr. Woodhouse received £12,699.17 from his claims

"Thanks to FRS, I have won back money that I thought I would never see. It helps a lot in these difficult times."

Mr. P Cooke received £2,003.39 from his PPI claim from Bank of Scotland

"Quick, efficient and hassle free. The service given, correspondence and telephone conversations were very professional and I have no reservations in recommending this company to anyone."

Mrs. C Murray received £882.01 from her PPI claim from Lloyds TSB

"Thank you FRS! I never believed I had paid PPI so initially was very reluctant in pursuing a claim. Through a colleague’s recommendations (She had a settlement of £9000) I decided to contact FRS. I am so glad I did. All the staff who I dealt with (especially Francesca) were very professional and kept me updated on the progress of claims. Thank you."

Mrs. W Fullbrook received £3,568.60 from her PPI claim from Halifax

"To whom it may concern. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service your company provided in helping me and in particular all the staff who were handling my account, your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level exceeds other businesses I have dealt with. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble to you all and made me feel unique, never making me feel that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have dealt with each day. Once again I thank you because I would never have received my PPI, which was a lovely surprise."

Mrs. Walter received £10,631.41 from her claims

"I would like to thank you all so very much for getting this done for me. To be honest I would never have bothered to even try on my own.....and to be honest it was only thanks to my husband that I asked you to do it. You are worth every penny of your fee - let's face it I get just under £11,000 whilst you get £4,000, left to my own devices I would have got 00!!"