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Mr P Cartmell received £546.77 from his PBA claim from Lloyds

"Thanks for everything. I could not have managed without your professional assistance."

Mr A Tisch received £232.40 from his PPI claim from Egg Banking

"FRS have been helpful and professional throughout the process of my claim. They kept it all hassle free with the settlement arriving surprisingly quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who thinks they may have a claim for PPI."

Mr. Robinson received £1,932.27 from his PPI claim from Barclays Bank

"I found FRS to be very good they kept me informed at all times. They treated you very well and when I phoned them the service and information were easy to understand. I would rate this company at 10 out of 10."

Mrs. J Davies received £2,269.21 from her PPI claim from Lloyds Bank

I was very pleased with the service offered by FRS. It was easy to get In touch with them and the whole process was fuss-free. The representatives were friendly and professional, which gave me lots of confidence in the company. They gave me the impression that they really wanted to help. After a short time I received a cheque for over £2000, a surprising sum and without the help of FRS, I would not have had. Many thanks.

Mrs. J A Robinson received £1,720.93 from her PBA claim from Barclays Bank

"Thank you FRS for helping me pursue monies owed to me, by Barclays Bank. The service you delivered was professional in every way. The staff on the phone were helpful and informative and I was never kept waiting when needing to speak to someone. The information you had regarding my case was a little sketchy but you were able to still pursue. The process was efficient and effective and outcome excellent. Thank you again."

Mr. & Mrs. King received £2,522.51 from their PPI claims

"You have handled the case very professionally with superb correspondence and an excellent outcome, what more can I say, very pleased. Thanks."

Miss C Henry received £437.64 from her PBA claim from Lloyds Bank

"Very helpful staff and always kept me informed. Would definitely recommend and use again."

Mrs & Mr Davy received £358.36 from their PPI claim from Lloyds Bank

"We decided to let FRS investigate any claims we may have had but with no expectations of receiving very much. FRS did all the paperwork and kept us informed all the way. We were awarded a very substantial sum which we would have lost if not for FRS. We would highly recommend the firm. They were efficient, helpful and speedy, all we needed to do was be on the end of the phone."

Miss H Whitefield received £4,480.38 from her claims

"Brilliant!! Can’t thank you enough, great service, always polite and helpful even if it’s a daft question (or seems to be when I think now). Can’t believe how much you got back and to think I would never have thought about it also made me change my account so I no longer pay for an account with stuff on I don’t use. Thank you for your help."

Mrs. C Jordan received £1,263.62 from her PPI claim from Capital One

"Thanks to FRS I have received PPI funding I never knew I had. They have dealt with my case in professional and reliable manner and kept me informed throughout the process. This has been a totally stress free experience for me and I have just banked a very nice cheque in time for Christmas. Thank you FRS."

Mrs. P Goddard received £7,548.18 from her PPI claim from MBNA

"For all the staff at at FRS a big thank you for everyone’s help in supporting me thought my claims. I found it relaxing and not stressful, it’s greatly appreciated. A big thank you to you all."

Mrs. J Blackburn received £1,194.35 from her PPI claim from Royal Bank of Scotland

"Having personally claimed for mis-sold PPI on several loan and credit card accounts and being told I wasn’t entitled to compensation; I decided to try using a claim company and was fortunate enough to choose FRS. I have just received my second settlement thanks to the efforts of FRS. I was informed of the progress on a regular basis and have found FRS to be professional, friendly and efficient. I thoroughly recommend them."

Mr. Wayne Lynch received £936.98 from his PPI claim from Tesco Personal Finance

"This proved a difficult case in the beginning but FRS proved resourceful and identified the account number with Tesco which enabled them to accept responsibility. Well done, excellent work."

Mr. & Mrs. Rapson received £2,925.73 from their PBA claim from Barclays Bank

"We thank you for your help and advice, it was dealt with in a very professional manner and the service was efficient and swift. Thank you."

Miss. H Whitfield received £2,280.23 from her PPI claim from Lloyds Bank

"I am very pleased with the result of my claim and want to thank the team at FRS for their help. I would recommend the company to anyone, as I found you to be extremely helpful, polite and quick and thorough, I could never had done this alone and was shocked at the amount I received - fantastic. Can now put it to another car, mine getting tired. Thank you very much for all you have done."

Mr. S Clarke received £682.33 from his PBA claim from HSBC

"After deciding on using FRS to pursue my claim against HSBC for a mis-sold packaged bank account I was pleasantly surprised that it was all completed quickly and a fair repayment received with the minimum of effort on my part."

Mrs. S Richardson received £4,164.83 from her PPI claim from HSBC Credit Card

"Would recommend FRS to anyone to conduct business for them, I didn’t even know the PPI they got for me even existed. Many thanks to them."

Mr. J Buchan received £3,097.76 from his PPI claim from Northern Rock

"Excellent service which was carried out .. with courtesy and great professionalism."

Mr. J Laing received £1,980.79 from his PPI claim from Marks & Spencers Money

"Thank you at FRS for all your help and guidance in bringing this claim to a successful conclusion. Throughout you have acted in a very professional and caring manner and have kept me appraised at every step of the way. I would recommend FRS to anyone seeking to resolve their PPI worries and claims without hesitation."

Mrs. Garwood received £9,519.77 from her PPI claim from MBNA

"I am very pleased with you services. Thank you very much, I did not expect to be successful and I didn’t have much information to pass on to you. So thank you once again."